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Decentralized and Encrypted Storage for Web 3.0.

Don't lose your content and have real control over who has access to any kind of information, fully decentralized and encrypted storage.

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New technologies like NFT and the Web 3.0 are rising. We need a new type of storage to host that content, in a compliant and secure way. With less than 2 million tokens in circulation, and the rest either locked or burned, it is a good opportunity to enter a project like this.

Decentralized Storage

We'll promote pinning content in a decentralized network. You won't lose your precious content again.

Full Encryption

All content will be fully encrypted. Only you and the ones you give permission to will have access.

For all content

Our system will be specially crafted for NFT, but you'll be able to use it with other types of content.
Our Docs

Read Our Whitepaper

Here you can have access to our Lightpaper, where you can find more information about our project, and what is the value proposition of our future service. After analyzing the market, we announced that we'll be changing our roadmap to introduce earlier use cases with NFT and others so that we can get traction among clients before the launch of our full MVP.

Our Roadmap

The launch is just the first step. We have some great plans in the mid term to long term. This is just beginning. These are just some examples of what is to come, and we'll have some surprises along the way... Stay tuned! We'll be giving more information about our roadmap in the coming days.
  • 2021 2Q
  • 2021 2Q
    Initial Marketing Campaigns
  • 2021 2Q
    Approach Listings and Exchanges
  • 2021 2Q
    New Team Members Onboarding
  • 2021 3Q
    Compliance Paperwork
  • 2021 3Q
    New Exchanges Added
  • 2021 3Q
    New Listings
  • 2021 3Q
    AMAs to inform
  • 2021 4Q
    Internal Closed Beta
  • 2021 4Q
    Contact potential customers
  • 2022 1Q
    First version of services
Buying and Tokenomics

Buying Our Token in an Exchange

Our token will launch in Pancake Swap, but we'll be adding more exchanges in the future. We'll record tutorials so that you won't miss anything if you don't know to use their service, and our community is very friendly and will gladly help you if you have any problems. Stay tuned for new exchanges! This token has a 10% fee, from which 8% will be automatically distributed among all holders. We are analyzing how to use cross chain services in an optimal way, but our main focus is the BSC, and before any decision is made it will always be announced to the community so that we can discuss about it. Buy MFS

Meet Our Team

Our team is formed by a group of experts and professionals, with wide experience in their fields, managing projects and companies and developing new services. Meet some of our Founders!
Sergio Carrasco
Computer and Telecommunications Engineer, but also a Lawyer. He has wide experience developing and managing projects.
Fátima Akarkoub
Consultant and Translator. She's helping developing use cases, documentation and client management, and legal paperwork.
Ihor Fetsyak
Ihor Fetsyak has experience working on legal issues related to the Internet of Things, smart contracts and cryptoassets, and blockchain.
Javier Prenafeta
Javier Prenafeta is a registered Lawyer, expert in compliance, data protection and privacy, and intellectual property.

Latest News About Us

We want to keep our Moonrakers, our holders, fully informed about our activity. We'll be posting news periodically in our web, and in our subreddit and other social network profiles. Follow us!

Frequently asked questions

I bought the first version of the token, what must i do now?

You just have to add the new contract address ( 0xdf4110b7e785c52bd2ff5696e73b1a9c1a5125cf ) to your wallet, and the new tokens will show.

What is the real circulating supply?

Listings like Coingecko take into account locked tokens and subtracts them, but poocoin adds them. The total supply is only 21M, most of it will be locked. Our circulating supply is right now of around 1.8M in control of holders. The wallet created for devs, marketing and shares are locked, since we don't have to sell to move the project forward. If you want to take only the holders into account (since the dev don't have to sell), the marketcap would be 1.8M x price. If you want to calculate using the full circulating supply, around 4.5M x price. The rest is locked and can be checked in the holders list. If you want to calculate it using all minted tokens, but remember not all are circulating, 21M x price.

Why is the price so high?

We didn't want to have an initial price so low that it couldn't be used in the future for the payment of services. There'd be a psychological wall if you had to pay one million two hundred thousand MFS for services. Once the service is deployed, part of the used tokens will be burnt, so the supply will get lower and lower each time. We are also reserving part of the supply for cross chain and internal services.

Will the devs sell their tokens to kickstart the project?

No. Our shares will stay locked during these phase, same with the percentages that would initially go to marketing and other expenses. We are developing the project thanks to a big external investment and our own funds.

Doesn't a project like this need more people than the profiles shown here, specially devs?

The profiles shown here are part of our core team and founders. As our CEO said in videos, the development will be done by our technology partner, and we are already preparing the final contracts and how to move forward, and we'll announce everything in due time. It won't be just a person or two coding. Nevertheless, we'll be managing the whole project at all times, setting goals, conditions, and auditing the source, as we've done from the start

Are you auditing the contract?

Yes, we'll be auditing the contract. For now, the source has been verified in bscscan, and you can check it. We've fixed some things that were in Rfi based contracts (like the possibility of changing fees, even to 100%, that still exist in some big projects, and removed unneeded loops), but the source has been tested before. You can even compare some recently very known audits from Certik with our code, and you'll see that some of the flaws were fixed on our side before the launch.